Thursday, November 29, 2012

Head Study

This is my most recent drawing. Took me 40 minutes, and no he wasn't wearing a Santa hat.

Chad's Saturday Class

Chad's class on Saturdays is really paying off. The head study was 15 minutes and the full figure one was 40 minutes I think.

Ink Trial

After midterm this semester my teacher suggested to try brush and ink for my gestures. These are my better ones. They are all 10 minutes.

Hard paper

Bought a new pad of paper and I didn't like it; but I had to use it, so I played around with the long poses. The grandpa was a 5 minute gesture that I liked so I kept at it during break. The mermaid and roman soldier were sustained poses probably 2 twenty minute sessions, and the gorilla and girl were twenty minutes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5-15 minutes I think

Figure Drawings from June

These are all my first "good" gestures from June 2012. Not proud of these; but I can measure these to more recent ones.

More 3D ideas

I also learned how to use Adobe Media Encoder to compress all these movie files, that way I don't have to wait forever to upload.

logo idea

So my sister, and I were doing some amazing shirt designs for our co-workers, which ended once school got busy. Her name is Connie and mine is George we mixed the logo with our letters C and G. I found out that you can animate textures in Maya and even the color.

My first 3D animations (Summer 2012)

3D projects from 2011

Not the best but I had to start somewhere.